Sculptural Light Screen


lightscreenThe Sculptural Light Screen is on the west front of the new atrium for the Austin Convention Center. It serves a number of functions. Made up of Photovoltaic panels that converts sunlight into electricity, it acts to screen the western sun from the Atrium, and so makes up part of the sustainable energy concept for the new building. The Light Screen is made up of both photovoltaic louvers and colored glass louvers. As the sun hits the wall, it modulates and refracts the light that projects onto the translucent curtain wall behind, creating a mosaic like wall as viewed from the escalator inside. For James Carpenter Design, 2000.




AdriftADRIFT was an evolving multi-location Internet performance event that combined movement through 3D space, multiple narratives and richly textured sound streaming between virtual and real geographies.
Recent performances were designed for presentation as spectacles in physical locations. Making use of the output of 3 vrml cameras, ADRIFT was received by three computers and projected by three projectors onto a semicircular screen. The work focused on multiple journeys through a harbor and through virtual space.


Map of the Market


Map of the MarketA visualization that allows users to see performance of hundreds of stocks at once, with a rich context of industry and value information. A new algorithm lets an existing visualization technique, the treemap, scale more effectively. The resulting transparent view of the market has been widely adopted by financial institutions and investors.

The map lets you watch more than 500 stocks at once, with data updated every 15 minutes. Each colored rectangle in the map represents an individual company. The rectangle’s size reflects the company’s market cap and the color shows price performance. (Green means the stock price is up; red means it’s down. Dark colors are neutral).



2D3D 2D3D was an early netart piece, part of the exhibit ‘Port’ at the List Center Gallery, MIT, 1997.

A user selects a webpage, and the perl/vrml software would translate the site into 3D.

The program would read the text, the images and the html code to generate specific shapes and backgrounds, so forming a unique portrait of the site.


Periscope Window


Periscope WindowThe Periscope Window is an optical device located in the stairway of a residence in Minneapolis which redirects views of the exterior onto a diffused glass screen. The window aperture faces the property line and a fence at eye level, with views of a tree and the sky above and beyond. The goal was to multiply views of the tree and sky while obscuring any direct views into the house.