Light Threshold


Light ThresholdThe Light Threshold was designed as a gateway to the Olympic Complex in Sydney, Australia. The work is a threshold of light that perpendicularly crosses the northern entry road/bridge to the park.

Five masts establishes a vertical plane that cuts across the access roadway in an open landscape. At the top of each mast is a 3m high stainless steel assembly with a series of nozzles that disperse a fine cloud of mist into the air.

This drifting cloud of mist is animated by reflecting a yellow/gold stream of sunlight through its center off of a system of mirrors. The mirror system, gimbaled atop a sixth mast, is controlled by a heliostat computer programmed to follow the sun’s path. More…



WonderwalkerA commission of the Walker Art Center, WonderWalker reimagines the 16th/17th-century Wunderkammer as a communal collection space.

The WonderWalker is a collection of shared objects. Like the Wunderkammer collections of the 17th century, the map is conceived as a phantasmagoria of web objects, whose reason for placement in the collection is dependent on an independent eye.

Anyone can be a collector. You become one by dragging a button to your browser’s toolbar. Then anytime you browse and something catches your eye, just add that to the collection. Launch



PancinemaA series of panoramic cameras are located throughout milan, pointed at the sky, at people in front of the train station, at trees and from the tallest building. Their output is continuously streamed to the server which then stores them chronologically.

These panoramic image feeds are collaged and shown on a giant glass cylinder in front of milan train station., so forming a memory of the city that starts at the inauguration of the sculpture.

The archived images are played as continuous time-lapse movies on the glass cylinder. The circular balustrade acts as in interface, each section of which marks a period of time past. More…