An Archive of Memory


Cooper Hewitt This site specific artwork at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s 2006 Design Triennial is situated in front of a window facing the garden. It explores the reciprocal relationship between garden and interior, by reinterpreting the idea of window as a luminous and temporal information threshold.

Once a day a camera adjacent to the main entrance to the garden, records a 30 second film segment of the tree canopy along the back edge of the garden. This cumulative sequence is stored in a computer and played back on the 6ft x 3ft plane of Light Emitting Diode circuit boards. A larger 9ft x 5ft acid etched plane placed between the viewer and the LEDs resolves the pixilated abstractions presented by the LEDs. Meanwhile the compressed nature of the sequence reveals the temporal nature of the garden as it is transformed by the seasons.

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